Live Online April 29th to May 1st, 2021

The Shared Experience Summit

An amazing 3 day event bringing together executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are READY TO WIN the CREATOR ECONOMY with SHARED EXPERIENCES...




Shared Experiences are Changing Everything....

Posting, commenting, podcasting, and livestreaming are over. The most significant change to the internet in decades is the advent of the Shared Experience, spontaneous or scheduled live sessions ranging from two to tens of thousands of participants.


When successfully integrated into a business, social, or community context, Shared Experiences can create deeper connections, ​generate more revenue, improve effectiveness, increase conversion rates, and effect lasting transformation for individuals and organizations.


The Shared Experience Summit provides a model for designing, developing, and delivering shared experiences to boost your career, grow your practice, improve your organization, or build your book of business.


Your speakers, hosts, guests and fellow participants will be a fount of wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration. This summit promises to be a transformational experience in and of itself!

Master Shared Experiences In 3 Action-Packed Days

When the pandemic hit in March 2020 I was serving as entrepreneur in residence for a global educational non-profit that trained its community of students on-location in hotels, conference centers and retreat centers.


We rapidly moved programs from the training room to online courses and found a grateful audience. Students in quarantine and lockdown connected, shared, and learned together.


The transformations experienced by the students in shared online experiences were in many cases more profound than those from the training room. The ability of the trainer to prepare the students for the sessions, conduct the sessions, and guide the students into self-directed learning was the key differentiator between courses that simply educated and those that provided breakthrough experiences.


I founded Scoby Society to bring the transformational aspects of shared experiences into a wide variety of settings. The newly omnipresent capability of shared experience is ripe for exploration, discovery, and co-creation. 


Let's create a breakthrough experience together!


David Larson Levine


Keynote Addresses

Self-Empowerment on Social Media

Shared Experiences for the Creative Evolution of Humanity

How to Curate the National Experience

Marianne Williamson is the author of 13 books including 4 New York Times bestsellers. Marianne is perhaps most famous for this important quote, that has been frequently attributed to Nelson Mandela:


Our deepest fear Is not that we are Inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.


In a fun role-reversal, Marianne will interview David Larson Levine about the origin story of the Scoby Social app and share her thoughts on the role of social media curation and the shifting landscape of our global community.

Marianne Williamson
Bestselling Author, Political Activist and Spiritual Thought Leader

Creativity in Crisis

Shared Experiences for Clarity Amidst Chaos

How to Find your Calling in a World Gone Mad

A mindset sage and crisis specialist, Sophie Sabbage is a Sunday Times bestselling author of three books about finding the possible in the impossible. She is a masterful experiential facilitator, an award-winning culture-change consultant who has worked with numerous leading brands, and a renowned patient activist who has been revolutionizing mindsets in the cancer world cancer world since her devastating "terminal" diagnosis in 2014.


In a world awash with "futurists," Sophie is a present-ist with a remarkable capacity for unleashing creativity in response to unexpected events as they happen such that her clients:

  1. Move from fear and confusion to courage and creativity fast;
  2. Become more authentic, powerful, loving and response-able In the face of all that they cannot control;
  3. Know the difference between false limitations they Impose upon themselves and true limitations set by LIFE;
  4. Become powerful difference-makers through heightened levels of self-mastery;
  5. Find their calling in the heart of their crises.

Sophie will lead a live shared experience in which you can interact with her about the crises you are facing in your life and in the world -- and the profound possibilities these present to you.

Sophie Sabbage
Master Practitioner, Lifework

Your Hosts

Business Performance

Shared Experiences for Growth and Expansion

How to Master Shared Experiences for Massive Success in your Career, Business or Practice

David Larson Levine has been a tech entrepreneur since 1993, founding one of the first web development firms, a FinTech company, a video game technology company, a solar energy platform, and a security token marketplace. 


David will provide practical, actionable methods for mastering the live, online, shared experience in any context. Masterful shared experience guides can conduct more productive meetings, close more deals, support, heal, entertain, transform, engage, and enrich the lives of colleagues, prospects, partners, customers, and clients.


In our age of isolation, conflict, division and chaos, mastering the role of Shared Experience Guide is an essential skill for every executive, entrepreneur, and professional.

David Larson Levine
Founder & CEO, Scoby Society

Judi Dumont-Barter
Occupational Psychologist & Performance Coach

Team Psychology

Shared Experiences for Deeper Connection

Tools for High Performance Teams in the Organizational Setting

Judi Dumont-Barter is an occupational psychologist with a background in human resource management, training & development, and motivation & performance.


Judi will share a variety of experiential tools and practices for use in one-on-one coaching, group processing, team facilitation, sales calls, and corporate training.

Personal mastery is a hot topic in organizations ranging from startups to non-profits to major corporations, creating high demand for leadership development coaches, facilitators, consultants and trainers with expertise in guiding shared experiences.

Bill Thatcher
Executive Director, Scoby Foundation

Authentic Communications

Shared Experiences for Community Building

How to Create Authentic Community in Any Setting

Bill Thatcher has worked in corporate communications and led several non-profits including M. Scott Peck's Foundation for Community Encouragement.


Bill will provide guidelines and demonstrate techniques for creating authentic community and share the profound results for individuals and organizations that can be achieved with authentic community.

Passing from superficial collegiality to heartfelt connection is a truly transformative, and rare, experience in the organizational setting that can have profound benefits for every participant and the organization as a whole. 

JOIN US LIVE ONLINE APRIL 29th to May 1st 2021

The Shared Experience at Work

Corporate Sponsorships, Teamwork & Major Media

Shared Experiences for Competitive Advantage

The Spontaneous Enterprise Meets Experience Media 

As President of Miller Brewing Company, Jeffrey Hembrock was responsible for global operations, marketing, supply chain, and sponsorships. 


Denise Denson, as EVP at Viacom, negotiated distribution deals with Comcast, Verizon and other major carriers.


Jeffrey and Denise will share their thoughts on how shared experiences will change the landscape of the corporate enterprise, collaboration, sponsorships, brand building, and entertainment.


Shared experiences promise to be disruptive in the media landscape, with audiences spending more time in conversation and participatory activities rather than passively consuming streaming media and posting on social media. 


The workplace is also changing and growing more spontaneous as executives, managers, and employees rely more on shared experiences that are recorded, transcribed and processed by machine learning systems and less bound to databases, reports, memos, and messaging.

Jeffrey Hembrock
President, Miller Brewing Company (Retired) and Senior Fellow, Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard Business School.

Denise Denson
Former Executive Vice President, Viacom and Chief Operating Officer at MOLTEN

Digital Marketing

Shared Experiences to Increase Revenue

How to Create Live Funnels that Boost Your Brand, Generate Leads and Improve Conversions

Arman Ananian is the founder and owner of an advertising agency trusted by some of the best-known and most successful names in online sales and marketing.


For over two decades, Michelle Lange has helped top companies, Hollywood heavy-hitters, entrepreneurs, coaches and creators grow their audience, income and impact with videos, documentaries and integrated online marketing campaigns.


Arman and Michelle will share techniques for media buying, content creation, audience engagement, lead generation, conversion metrics, and copywriting that leverage shared experiences in the newly emerging field of Live Funnels. Live Funnels integrate real-time online experiences with a sustained client journey to increase trust, create intimacy, improve conversion and increase revenue.


Live shopping that involves shared experiences for more than 60 seconds demonstrates the strongest impression to purchase rate across any format -- driving 13.7% add-to-bag CTR and 0.35% conversion rate.

Arman Ananian
Digital Marketing Expert

Michelle Lange
Impact Video Producer & Strategist

Desmoine West
Investment Banker

Colleen Cotter
Real Estate Agent

The Revolution in Service Delivery

Shared Experiences for Professional Services

How Leveraged Service Delivery Models Can Provide More Client Value with Less Time, Effort and Resources

Desmoine West is the CEO of Phase One Capital, a merchant bank that manages a portfolio of assets, underwrites transactions, and advises investors.


Colleen Cotter is the Broker/Owner of My Sand Diego Realty, a successful real estate agency in Southern Californa. 


Desmoine and Colleen will describe innovations in the delivery of professional services and opportunities for providers to leverage shared experiences in building a flourishing practice with less time, expense and effort.

Consultants, marketing agencies, realtors, lawyers, accountants, therapists, financial advisors and professionals of all kinds are getting off the time and materials treadmill and finding new ways to deliver their services through shared experience models, which can increase the value of their offerings to clients while reducing the effort involved with service delivery, marketing and sales.

Connecting Public Servants with the Public

Shared Experiences for the Public Sector

How to Create Effective Public-Private Partnerships

As Director of Arlington Economic Development in Virginia, Victor Hoskins landed Amazon's HQ2, the mother of all economic development deals.


As Mayor of Charlestown, WV, Scott Rogers fought Rockwool, a toxic polluter sited across the road from an elementary school.


Victor faced protests from citizens opposed to HQ2, while Scott joined protestors in resisting the Rockwool project.


Beyond the formality of hearings, public comment, negotiations and compliance, or the resistance of protesters, activists, and concerned citizens, shared experiences represent the possibility of deeper engagement, connection and partnership between people serving in different roles such as public official, corporate executive, parent, or advocate.

Victor Hoskins
CEO, Fairfax County Development Authority (VA)

Scott Rogers
Director of Business Advocacy, Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce (OR)

John Franklin
Principle, Sycamore Labs

Robert Whetsel
Associate Director, FDA

Omnipresence and the New Network

Shared Experiences and Technology

How to Incorporate Live Online Experiences in Applications, Systems, and Processes

John is developing the Eden Project to bring life, beauty, and nature into the built environment. 


Robert Whetsel is an senior executive at a federal agency leading digital transformation; he formerly served as Chief Data Scientist for the US Department of Defense.


Dedicated apps and services for shared experiences such as Clubhouse and Zoom are growing rapidly while mainstream social media services like Facebook and Twitter are adding the capabilities. At the heart of all of this is machine learning, which can transcribe, analyze and mediate video conferences in real-time.

Incorporating shared experiences into consumer apps, SaaS platforms and the enterprise isn't just a technical exercise. The shift from asynchronous to real-time is a deep cultural shift that will change the very nature of our relationship with software systems and with each other.

Peace and Justice

Shared Experiences for a Just Society and the Preservation of our Planetary Ecosystem

How to Co-Create a Flourishing World for Everyone

As director of the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa-USA, Sarah Jewell develops sustainable peace and justice programs inspired by Leymah Gbowee and other Nobel Laureates for communities, business, and public servants.


Mark Andersen, the co-founder of Positive Force DC and We Are Family has worked with inner-city seniors in Washington, DC since 1989 and authored or contributed to numerous books.


Sarah and Mark are committed to bringing peace and justice to their communities and providing systems and models that others can adopt to find their own voice and guide others toward a world where everyone is recognized, significant, valued and supported.


While social media promised to bring people together, it has also deepened rifts and stoked violence. We will explore ways that shared experiences can form the foundation for deeper, more authentic online connections that encourage peace and justice to thrive in every heart and soul.

Sarah Jewell
Director, Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa-USA

Mark Andersen
Co-Director, We Are Family DC

JOIN US LIVE ONLINE APRIL 29th to May 1st 2021

Mastering the Shared Experience

Promoting Health and Wellbeing

The Shared Experience as Inclusive and Supportive for All Participants

How to Provide Transformational Experiences for Mind, Body, Heart and Soul.

Zoe Levine is a music therapist and Zumba instructor who works in the Annapolis, MD public school system.


Nicole Triplett has developed "OHMstead," a guided practice that combines Reiki, Yoga, and Krav Maga, an Israeli form of martial arts, for complete and optimal health.


By recognizing the significant and unique gifts of every participant in a shared experience and putting neurodivergence and neurodiversity as at the center, rather than the periphery, Zoe and Nicole guide shared experiences that nourish and sustain each participant as a whole person.


Unlike social media communications through chat messages, images, and videos, expertly guided shared experiences that include multi-party audio and video can include the neurological keys to increasing empathy and reducing detachment and emotional indifference.

Zoe Levine
Music Therapist

Nicole Triplett
Reiki, Yoga & Martial Arts Practitioner

Four Arrows
Indigenous Worldview Scholar, Hypnotherapist, Performance Coach

Susan Hermann
"Licensed Clinical Miracle Worker"

Worldview, Mindset and Health

Shared Experiences for Metacognitive Trance-based Learning

How to Unlock your Power of Spirit, Fearlessness and Joy Amidst Collective and Individual Challenges

Four Arrows (Donald Trent Jacobs, Ph. D., Ed. D.) is the author of 23 acclaimed books, the recipient of the Martin Springer Institute on Holocaust Studies Moral Courage Award, a former professor of hypnosis at UC Berkeley, and former sports psychologist and performance coach to world champion athletes.


Susan Hermann, Ph. D., MSC, LICSW, MA, trains therapists, coaches, and wellness providers to guide patients through deep transformational journeys and heal multigenerational trauma.


The ubiquity of live online group conversations represents a new opportunity for experienced guides to bring transformational experiences to populations around the world with historically limited access.


At the same time, therapists, coaches, social workers and other mental health practitioners are discovering a vast array of resources and techniques to augment and enhance their practices for the benefit of their clients.

Social Media

Shared Experiences for Influencers and Creators

How to Create Meaningful Connections with your Audience of Friends and Followers

Steve Shapero manages business integrity engineering and product experience for Facebook, where he helps people businesses engage with trust on the social media platform.


Maayan Gordon is the founder & CEO of Champion Empire, a marketing firm that advises brands and influencers toward business success on social media.


With Facebook adding "Messenger Rooms for Groups" and Twitter introducing "Spaces," it's clear that social media platforms are taking shared experiences seriously.


Steve and Maayan will share their insights on social media and significance of shared experiences from two different perspectives... one from inside a social media giant, and from from a successful creator on several platforms.



Steve Shapero
Engineering Manager, Facebook

Maayan Gordon
Tik Tok Influencer, Instagram & LinkedIn Entrepreneur

Howard Teich
Alchemist of the Psyche

Warren Kahn
Master Navigator of Love & Life

Self and Other

Shared Experiences for Personal and Professional Development

How to Bring Personal Mastery to the Family, Social & Business Settings.

Howard Teich is a mindset alchemist, authority on creative consciousness in the workplace, and highly experienced facilitator and consultant who has worked with numerous leading brands.


Warren Kahn is a life and business coach, Senior Trainor with the More To Life Foundation, grammy-nominated recording artist, and retired professor of music. 


Howard and Warren will explore shared experiences as a pathway to clarity at will in any setting when families at home or teams at work face conflict, chaos and confusion. Both have developed practical tools and processes for personal mastery and richer engagement with life.

Mastery of the self makes deeper, more authentic connections possible. Shared experiences can be a safe space to guide participants toward personal mastery in a wide variety of settings.

JOIN US LIVE ONLINE APRIL 29th to May 1st 2021


If you're an executive, entrepreneur, or professional you'll want to join us to learn how you can master shared experiences to boost your career, build your company, or grow your practice. Shared experiences are becoming ubiquitous in the workplace, on social media, and in communities and families everywhere.


Shared experience apps such as Zoom, Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and Facebook Messenger Rooms for Groups provide platforms new ways to market, sell, collaborate and connect. In this event, you can master the context of shared experiences, the journey for participants leading up to the session, the guidance and facilitation of sessions, and the outcomes from the sessions to enrich your experience and the experience of other participants in work, family, and social settings.

It's completely free to participate in the live sessions

You can join all the sessions live during the summit and view recordings for 48 hours after the event. You can also purchase an All Access Pass if you want to join the speakers backstage, share your wisdom with fellow participants, and have lifetime access to all the recordings, speaker notes, and action plans!

Free 20 minute discovery session with David Larson Levine

Explode your creative mojo and turn your passion and vision into a substantial business. Every participant in the Summit can book a 20-minute discovery session with Scoby Society founder David Larson Levine during open office hours to transform obstacles into vehicles, lead into gold, wounds into gifts and dramas into the liberation vision. 

Join from anywhere and on any device

Login from wherever you are and whatever you're doing during the summit on your Computer, Laptop, Phone or Tablet. No need to travel hundreds of miles to a hotel, conference center or retreat center to participate in this transformational experience! 

No selling, just pure experiential learning for your benefit

Our awesome Shared Experience Summit is filled with the latest practical applications, tools, and practices from truly significant sources to guide you in your journey of life, creation and growth.

Connect with a community of your peers to share and grow

Meet fellow executives, entrepreneurs and professionals from a wide variety of domains with a shared passion for service and a deep commitment to their organizations, colleagues, partners, and customers.

spectacular group of transformational speakers

Each of our world class speakers was selected for their proven excellence, wisdom, and profound gifts. They will challenge your perceptions, touch your heart and stir you to bold, fearless action. 


  • Learn how to guide, facilitate and lead meetings and sessions without getting "hooked" by other participants.

  • Receive guidance and support from the speakers, hosts, and other participants who will address topics of interest to you.​

  • Incorporate shared experiences into sales and marketing funnels to increase conversions and accelerate revenue growth.

  • Incorporate metacognitive trance-based learning into individual and group sessions for rapid transformation and development.

  • Master a wide variety of sessions styles, including the Way of Council, the Guided Practice, Community, Pitch & Event.

  • Select the technologies and platforms that best serve you and the other participants in your shared experiences.

  • Build and grow a loyal community that values your shared experiences and rewards you for your facilitation and guidance.

  • Grow revenue and reduce costs by leveraging service delivery and building partnership networks in shared experiences.


Every aspect of the workplace, entrepreneurship, professional practices, social life, and family dynamics will be effected by the ubiquity of live, spontaneous, real-time experiences. By mastering the practice of guiding shared experiences and exploring the many applications and benefits, you can significantly boost your career, build your business or grow you practice.

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